Retail & E-Commerce

Myfinser end-to-end Business Process Management services help retailers keep pace with a changing world. Our services enable providing a consistent shopper experience despite the proliferation of devices and channels.

Myfinser collaborate with retailers to navigate through the data and make informed decisions in real-time. Retailers turn to us to combat intense margin pressures and drive smart growth strategies.

eCommerce industry is the process of sending certain tasks such as customer service, chat management, digital marketing, general administration and more, to a team or team member outside of your organization – typically overseas. It can increase staff satisfaction, improve your profit margins and turnaround times.

For Retail & eCommerce businesses to keep up with this expected continued growth, they need to ensure they are investing wisely in quality talent to support their ability to adapt, scale and grow. The answer: outsourcing. By engaging a larger global talent pool, you’ll be able to increase your profits and scale easily to meet demand.

Manage retail and e-commerce operations efficiently with a trusted BPM provider

For small to medium–sized sellers who have only begun to build their local and international reach, this means catching up with digital transformation by making their products and services easily purchasable online.
Having a small in-house IT team or no existing department focused on digital strategies is a common and challenging situation for most retailers. Technological needs such as outsourcing eCommerce website development coupled with the goal of looking for cost-saving solutions has driven retail firms to transfer their IT, admin, and other back-office services to retail outsourcing companies in low-cost regions to address these business growing pains:

Expansion = more resources = but more costs. How can you scale without burning a hole in your company’s pocket?
If you have a limited talent pool or local hires ask for packages that do not fit your budget, where and how can you look for people who are both qualified and are affordable?
As you’re getting more people on board, what do you have in place to retain your high-quality content?
In between recruiting, delegating tasks to new hires, and managing existing projects, do you have enough time to focus on your core business?

Why retail and e-commerce services now?

Through servicing in the retail industry, you can access the latest e-commerce technology and premium talent to grow your multichannel/omnichannel reach, engage your customers more effectively, double your online revenues, and thrive in the digital marketplace.

Servicing retail operations to the India is a highly recommended move if you plan to transfer your customer support services, digital services, supply chain support, revenue management, and other high-volume tasks to highly skilled outsourced professionals.

Whether you’re a large retail firm or a startup looking into expanding retail capabilities, engaging with an outsourced eCommerce solutions provider in the India can be your cost-efficient strategy. It can potentially give you up to maximum in cost savings, thanks to the low cost of living in the country and government policies that offer generous benefits and support to its thriving BPM industry.