Real Estate Services

Real estate is a high-energy, and often exhausting business, whether you’re rushing from one viewing to the next on a busy Saturday with your phone constantly ringing, managing properties, running a franchise or a network of outlets, or negotiating development and investment opportunities.

That’s true, too, for those who provide supporting services such as sales and marketing, lending, legal and accounting work.

Get more done, reduce your labor costs and improve
your customer experience

As a busy and successful real estate business, you are no doubt struggling to find the hours in the day to grow your property sales and property management divisions. This is where outsourcing with Myfinser can really help.

Common roles and activities of our real estate specialists

Why do real estate businesses outsource with Myfinser?

Sharing the back-office workload with Myfinser makes your onshore team more efficient and effective in their day. There’s more time to engage with clients and focus on revenue-generating activities.

Your Myfinser marketing assistants can manage your web portal listings as well as assist with the creation of DM mailers, newsletters, flyers and magazines.

Your sales team members can be better prepared for vendor presentations when your Myfinser Admin Assistant is helping to prepare property reports, market research and CMAs.

Optimize the costs of running your rent roll with Myfinser helping you with leasing, inspections, property marketing and trust accounting teams supporting you. We give your local Property Management team the time they need to focus their energy on growth.