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Hire offshore credentialed professionals with expert-level knowledge of popular analytics
platforms to turn data into deployment-ready resources.


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Successfully test theoretical exposures to formally validate and gain an in-depth understanding of how to apply concepts, principles, and tools of statistics for effective decision making. Hire offshore credentialed professionals with expert-level knowledge of popular analytics platforms to turn data into deployment-ready resources.

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Customer Analytics

Rigorous analysis helps identify and separate your customer base into a distinct group to gain a deeper understanding of each segment. The result is better planning and informed marketing decisions to enhance business performance. Hire our experts to predict future behaviour through a 360-degree customer view, determine the revenue potential of each target segment, and aid in developing a tailored customer experience.

Operations Analytics

Assess future capacity requirements or make decisions about whether to enter a new market. Achieve the right inventory in just the right places to meet customer service goals. Work with professionals to reduce inventory between 10% to 30%, leverage predictive modelling in inventory analysis to establish the impact of different variables.

Risk & Fraud Analytics

Meet risk and regulatory compliance challenges head-on with market risk analysis that is adaptive, predictive, integrated, and useful for the rapidly changing environment. Our experts take care of advanced analysis across risk types including stress testing, review risk management policies, and help you take risk-based decision making.

Marketing Analytics

Attain a higher return on marketing investment using multiple regression techniques. Predict an optimal mix of marketing variables and how they relate to an outcome such as sales. With our professionals, you can quantify the value and impact for each media channel and optimize resource allocation between various media channels.

Retail Analytics

Leverage market-based analysis to stimulate product placements that co-occur in transactions. Uncover associations and connections between specific objects. Work with experts to cross/up-sell by incentivising customers to spend more on shopping baskets, drive recommendation engines, and set the right price for every product in the store.

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Manage the entire data life-cycle using advanced analytics tools
Thoroughly cover critical & revenant knowledge areas
Address ever-changing expectations & employer needs
Gain global acceptance, recognition & relevance
Build the agility to absorb data of any scale and process the same for business needs
Enable an enterprise-wide data governance
Reduce the time to access & locate data


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